Toddler Booties - Elephant

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Toddler Booties - Elephant

The warmest, easiest-fitting Bootie for cold weather activities.

Easy to wear
• Wide opening with loose fit to quickly slip on
• Adjustable toggles ensure Booties stay on

Ultra warm
• Fleece lining keeps warmth in
• Water & wind resistant with waterproof soles

• Friction & impact resistant PLUSfoam soles
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Designed to quickly and easily get your active toddler ready for cold weather activities.

Our wide foot-opening and spacious interior make them easy to slip on over feet, slipper, or shoes, and up and over their pants.

Adjustable toggles around the calf and ankle to keep the warmth in and the cold air out (also ensuring they stay on).

Soft soles allow their toes, feet, and ankles to support their weight when walking which is important to their development of balance.


"That's what's so great about these booties...They have two adjustable toggles that ensure a snug fit...Not only that, the fit is flexible and accommodates the chubbiest of feet and ankles." - Baby Center

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"When it comes to protecting their extremities with ease and cozy comfort, Stonz should be your go-to brand." - Daily Mom

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