Youth Mittz - Accented Grey - Black

Youth Mittz - Accented Grey/Black

Youth Mittz - Accented Grey - Black

We've added a little accent to our black youth mittz; grey! These over-the-arm mittz are perfect for looking great while exploring the great outdoors, skiing and snowboarding, or just keeping warm! Did we mentoin that they're lined with 3M Thinsulate?
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adjustable_fit.jpg Easy to put on!
Wide opening – easy to slide onto hands
Insulated w Thinsulate.jpg Insulated with Thinsulate
Keep hands warm with 150g 3MTM ThinsulateTM
Soft and flexible mittz
Water and wind-resistant coated upper
Stonz Mittz keep little hands warm at all times!
These Mittz are available in two sizes:
2-4 Years
4-8+ Years
Perfect for outdoor sports
Warm and incredibly flexible!
Whether you're heading out to the shops or hitting the ski slopes, our Mittz will keep your hands toasty warm!
These Mittz are suitable for:
Added features: Skid-resistant coated grip on palms, fleece on back of thumbs to relieve runny noses and clips to ensure they don't get separated when not being worn!
Why we made these: As our little customers outgrew our Infant Mittz, they struggled to find an equal product for 2 year olds and up!
Features: Insulated w Thinsulate.jpgBreathable Lining.jpgAdjustable Fit.jpgWide Opening.jpgicon_1.png

Ada wears her Stonz booties and mittz when we hike - which is most days. Thanks for the excellent product! We made the mistake of putting a different brand of mittens on our 10-month-old for a hike one day. The mistake will not (cannot) be repeated since the mittens were gone within 10 minutes. Stonz mittz stay on, and she loves wearing them, too!"

- Ellen T

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