Booties - Polar Bear Navy Blue

Booties - Polar Bear Navy Blue

Booties - Polar Bear Navy Blue

Don't be fooled by the cool Polar Bear on the side - these Booties will keep your little one's toes nice and warm!
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icon_1.png For Fall, Winter and Spring
Wear over bare feet, socks, slippers or shoes! Layer up or down!
icon_2.png Soft Soles
Skid-resistant coated soles, receommended for developing feet
Infant Booties
The original, versatile soft-soled booties.
Our infant booties are made with our skid-resistant coated soles, recommended for developing feet.
These booties are suitable for:
cpma approved
Canadian Podiatric Medical Association approved!
Our original booties were given the Seal of Approval as a recommended product for developing feet!
This sole style is available in sizes:
Interesting fact These booties were the original idea from which Stonz was born!
Why we made these Our founder, Lisa, was out hiking in Whistler with her infant son, whose shoes kept falling off! If only there was a product that would stay on and keep feet warm...
Awards + Certifications:

"I love these boots! They are super easy to put on and take off. You can leave their indoor shoes on underneath. Our babysitter loves them too!"

- Sara M


Makes a perfect pair with:

  • Trek Winter Bootz - Grey/Black
Product Reviews

Amazing boots for baby!!

5 out of 5

Review Details

By: - Montreal, Quebec, CA
We just received our Stonz booties last week and are in love! My 13 month old loves the sheep on the side and the toggles and his feet stay nice and toasty even walking in the snow. Such an amazing product!
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Reviewed Date: 12/09/2016
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